Can You Get A Massage Safely During Social Distancing?


Social distancing is the norm for many people right now as people do what they can to avoid the coronavirus. But what are you to do if your body is hurting and aching and you can't visit your usual masseuse? In this instance, it's good to know if there are any modalities of massage that can be useful while still keeping you safe. Here's what you should know.


For the most part, massage is a service that's unfortunately off the table right now. That's because most massage therapies require skin-on-skin contact between the hands of the masseuse and your own body. While this is an extremely relaxing and enjoyable process, it's not safe right now because viral infections can readily be transferred through bodily fluids, like sweat. This means that it's dangerous for both you and your masseuse. But the good news is that not all therapies require this skin-on-skin contact.

Tui Na

One type of massage therapy that's gaining in popularity is called Tui Na. This therapy started in China but has since migrated and made its way to the United States.

Tui Na focuses on gently stretching the body and breaking down muscle knots and tightness. It's performed while you're completely clothed, and your masseuse can perform it while wearing gloves and a mask for safety's sake. Since there's no direct skin contact, it's a safer form of massage to enjoy right now than most traditional therapies.

What to Expect

Getting a tui na massage is an extremely enjoyable experience. You'll lie down on a freshly cleaned massage table, the same way you ordinarily would. Your masseuse will ask you if you have any particular concerns or parts of your body that are hurting you right now. If you do, let them know and your masseuse will inspect the areas to feel around for places of tightness and stiffness.

From there, your massage will begin. Your masseuse will use long, stretching motions to extend your muscles to make them fully relax. They may also use a variety of methods, like tapping, rubbing, and kneading in order to achieve the goal they're after. Most people report this process as being very relaxing and not painful, unlike how certain deep tissue massages can feel.

Tui Na is one option for you right now if you're social distancing. Essential medical services include massage in most areas, so you can enjoy Tui Na safely and legally.

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16 April 2020

Learn How to Massage Your Body Pain Away

When body pain strikes, you try everything you can to get rid of it. But sometimes, all you need is a simple massage to feel better. After giving birth to my second child, I experienced aches and pains throughout my neck and lower back. No matter how many pain pills I took, I just couldn't make the discomfort go away. One day, another mom suggested that I see a massage therapist for help because taking so many pills wasn't good for me or my baby. I'm so happy I listened. After spending two sessions with my massage specialist, I feel so much better. I also learned a few things about body massage that I'd like to share with you through my blog. If you're ready to stop cringing in pain, read my blog for tips, advice and other information about body massage. Good luck and stay pain free.