3 Reasons to Get Your Kid a Professional Massage


A regular massage can provide benefits for everyone from professional athletes to stressed-out office workers. But a good massage can also benefit younger children as well. Here are three reasons why you might want to get your child a professional massage on a regular basis.

Kids Get Stressed Out Too

There's a joke to be made here about your kid being stressed out because they missed their nap time during the school day, but jokes aside, the truth is that children encounter stress on a daily basis just like adults. Sure, elementary school or junior high might not seem too stressful compared to what you are dealing with as an adult, but you have to understand that your kid absolutely does deal with stressful issues. Maybe they have a big test coming up or they are freaking out over an upcoming school play or athletic event. A regular massage can provide stress relief that might just improve your kid's performance in school.

Assist with Motor Development and Proper Alignment

As your young child ages, they will begin to develop fine motor skills. Did you know that a good massage therapist can actually aid your child's development? Massage can ease tension in your child's muscles as they begin to expand and lengthen, promoting further motor development growth.

If your child has recently experienced a major growth spurt, there might also be issues with their body alignment. A massage therapist can get things back in place, encouraging the body to continue its development properly. 

Give Your Child the Same Health Benefits That You Get

You may have seen a study somewhere claiming that regular massage can help you sleep better, boost your immune system, improve blood circulation or respiration, and provide a number of additional benefits. Well, guess what, your child is eligible to receive every one of those benefits as well. A regular massage can help lead to a healthier child, one that has more energy and takes fewer sick days away from school. 

Because most people think about a massage as something an adult gets, it can be easy to overlook the benefits for a child. But your kid will likely feel just as new and improved as you do after getting off of the massage table.

Whether you want to help your child navigate the stresses of school or just provide an assist as their body begins to develop, there are many reasons why you should contact a local massage therapist about massage for children today.


9 January 2019

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